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Love is War Anime Review

Love is War Anime Review

Please note, all the below is my own opinion and there are probably grammatical errors. I have tried to avoid saying too much about the story itself as I am aware some people may have not watched the anime series yet. Please be aware that there are spoilers for Love is War – read at your own risk.

Season 1

‘Love is War’ follows Kaguya Shinomiya (Vice President) and Miyuki Shirogane (President) as they both try to make each other confess their love. There are many great moments but the very first episode starts with the narrator explaining that love is about power and whoever confesses loses (the narrator’s voice is amazing by the way.) Straight after that they go into the opening sequence, the song “Love Dramatic” by Masayuki Suzuki is played (which is probably my favourite opening song for an anime I have watched next to the Promise Neverland opening). After hearing the song, I looked up who sang and saw Suzuki and was like, “Damn I wish I was half as cool as that guy”.

I think the show has great characters with good character development, each character is unique and play well off one another. For example, you have Chika Fujiwara who is a playful, happy and naive girl who everyone loves. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum you have Yū Ishigami who is a very introverted and blunt. Ishigami made me laugh so much with his dry humour. One episode he just says “I think I have Stockholm Syndrome, I’m going home” I do not know if it was just me, but I laughed so much. They are all on the student council and most of the show is based around the student council.

I do love that Kaguya and Miyuki come from such different backgrounds. Kaguya comes from a rich family and has an assistant who does almost everything for her including trying to get Miyuki to confess. The assistant Ai Hayasaka is also in the same school and has a bubble personality when not around Kaguya. But when she is with Kaguya she becomes serious which is funny seeing the contrast. I was not sure which one was an act. Miyuki on the other hand comes from a poor family and has had to work hard for everything.

Without going into each episode and spoiling everything I would say watch season one if you like comedy.

Season 2

I was really looking forward to season 2 but I was initially disappointed with the first few episodes. The song while sang by the same artist in my opinion wasn’t nearly as good although it was quite catchy. They also introduce a new character, Miko Iino, who runs for president against Miyuki Shirogane. She was a fairly good addition to the team as most of the things that happen would be odd to an outsider. It did make me laugh a bit when she starts to think everyone on the student council are perverts as she walks in on some odd situations. But other than a few more jokes like this I was not impressed too much until the last four episodes.

The last four episodes in my opinion were amazing and turned my opinion of the show from, “its okay I guess” to “where is season 3 already?!” The last 4 episodes start going into Ishigami’s past plus he joins the cheer squad which is weird for his character. We see the reason why he became such an outcast and why some people hated him. We find out he beat up a guy who makes it seem like Ishigami is the bad guy in the story. Kou Ogino wouldn’t stop cheating on Kyoko Ootomo (who was friendly with Ishigami) so Ishigami tried to make him stop but everything backfired and he becomes a shadow of his former self. He never even told her why he did it because he wanted to protect her.

Honestly if you started to watch this and stopped just watch the last four episodes, they are great. Also, a bonus for JoJo fans the voice actor for ‘Dio Brando’ appears as Miyuki’s farther which I have seen edits on Youtube of people putting DIO into ‘Love is War’.

I enjoyed this anime and would recommend it for anyone looking for a comedy. 8/10 and Ishigami is best girl.

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