Sylvanian Families: Family is Forever

Sylvanian Families is a delightful range of unique animal characters who lead an idyllic life of work and play in Sylvania. Created in 1985 by Japanese company Epoch, the brand originated in Japan and has since become a popular global phenomenon, with over 100 million figures sold worldwide. The name Sylvanian is derived from the word 'Sylvan', which means 'of the forest', from the Roman God Silvanus.

The brand is built on three key values: Nature, Love, and Family. In North America, it is marketed under the name Calico Critters. The characters are often grouped into families based on typical woodland creatures such as rabbits, squirrels, bears, and more. The range has since expanded to include other animals like cats, dogs, penguins, pandas, and more, making it a collectable toy that both adults and children can enjoy.

Japan even has themed restaurants and a dedicated theme park based on Sylvanian Families. If you're looking for cute Sylvanian gift ideas, you can check out our Sylvanian Family shop!