Kawaii Series to Watch: Pokémon Concierge
Pokemon Concierge

Kawaii Series to Watch: Pokémon Concierge

If you're a fan of Pokémon or looking for a wholesome series recommendation, we highly suggest checking out Pokémon Concierge! This stop-motion series creates a warm and cosy feeling that is sure to make you smile.

While the Pokémon series has traditionally focused on adventuring and battling, the trailer for Netflix's Pokémon Concierge reminds us that it's important to take a break and relax every once in a while.

This charming and wholesome series takes place in a tropical resort designed for Pokémon to relax and enjoy themselves alongside their trainers. It follows Haru, a young concierge at the resort, as she strives to meet the needs of the Pokémon guests and works alongside her colleagues Alisa and Tyler.

Pokémon Concierge is a Dream Come True for Cozy Gamers - IGN

Throughout the series, you'll see a variety of Pokémon, such as Eevee, Bulbasaur, Snorlax, Psyduck, Furret, and many more! The series was made in partnership with the Pokémon Company and Dwarf Studios, who also worked on the delightful Netflix series Rilakkuma & Kaoru.

Furret in Pokémon Concierge! : r/Furret
If you've already watched the series and are wondering if there will be more episodes, you're in luck! According to Netflix and Pokémon, new episodes of Pokémon Concierge are now in production, and we can't wait to see more cute Pokémon appearances! 

Pokémon on X: "Exciting news, Trainers! New episodes of Pokémon Concierge  are in production! Stay tuned for updates! 🏖 https://t.co/NE3ZwwmCXz" / X

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