Blog Post about Sanrio Friend of the Month Pochacco! Picture of Pochacco Mini Face Pouch & Pochacco Die Cut Stickers

Let's celebrate February in style with Sanrio's 'Friend of the Month', Pochacco! Pochacco is a cute floppy-eared puppy character from the Japanese company, Sanrio, known for creating popular characters like Hello Kitty. Here are some interesting facts about Pochacco that you might not know:

  • He was known as "The Yorimichi Dog" during his early years of life.

  • Pochacco was born on February 29th, 1989, a leap year that does not exist in reality. The closest leap year to his birthday is 1988.

  • Pochacco loves sports, and his favourite treat is banana ice cream.

  • He is a loyal friend who always tries to help others and make them happy.

  • Pochacco's hometown is Fuwafuwa Town, a peaceful and charming place where he likes spending time with his friends.

Pochacco with this little friends on a simple blue background

To celebrate this special floppy-eared puppy friend, here are our top three picks from our store that you can add to your collection or give as a gift to someone who loves Pochacco:

1. Pochacco Mini Face Pouch: This small and cute pouch is perfect for carrying your coins, keys, or small accessories. It features Pochacco's face on the front. 

2. Pochacco Seal Sticker Flakes Pack: These colourful and fun sticker flakes are perfect for decorating your notebooks, journals, or any other surface. They come in a variety of designs featuring Pochacco and his friends.

Pochacco Die-cut Sticker Flakes shaped like Pochacco and his friendsPochacco sticker flakes with his friends

3. Pochacco Raised Sticker Sheet: This sticker sheet features Pochacco in different poses and outfits, making it perfect for decorating your planner, phone or anywhere you like!

Puffy Sticker Sheet featuring die-cut stickers of Pochacco and his friends